Traffic Lessons: Are We Driving Blind?

I had just left Farmer Joe’s feeling good about purchasing all I needed for my dinner party that night in a relatively short amount of time, and under budget. I had an hour’s grace period before I had to start cooking. Driving out of the parking lot to the left turn that led me to the freeway, I ended up behind a stopped car in my lane.

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On The Porch: Perspectives in the Afternoon of Life

I’ve never met a porch I didn’t like. It’s what I notice first about a house: Is there a porch and what is its purpose? Is it a wrap-around veranda that provides places for secret conversations on the side of the house or a screened-in porch that brings you a pest-free summer? Across the country, from Manhattan to Mill Valley, sitting on porches alone or with family and friends has calmed me and invited reflection, connection and a vantage point for watching people and the sky.

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