Finding Your Rudder

Finding Your Rudder

Teleclass for Children and Partners of People with Dementia

You watch your mother slide slowly down a high, steep slope, beyond reach of any rope.

Decisions regarding your parents’ welfare are now in your and your siblings’ hands and you can’t agree on the best course of action. You just want the fighting to stop.

Your father, formerly the source of lively debate at the dinner table, is now losing his words to Alzheimer’s. You have no idea how to communicate with him.

Situations such as these are becoming more common as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia begin to affect our mothers, fathers and partners. We are suddenly thrust into a parenting role for which we had no training or expectation. Sometimes we are caregiving from hundreds of miles away. Our family system is tossed upon turbulent seas and we feel rudderless.

Calmer waters await where you can navigate:
• flexibility through constant change;
• conscious connection with your loved one, through all phases of their dementia;
• living your life in the midst of it all.

Finding Your Rudder steers you toward new levels of understanding, compassion and trust of yourself and for your siblings. Through a 5-part teleclass, or through individual or family coaching sessions, you will discover:

• Guilt-free self-care
• 5 strategies for effective communication with your siblings
• The top 3 things to consider in hiring caregivers
• How to balance caregiving, work and personal life
• Enhanced interpersonal connection with your loved one
• Processes for being with grief

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