Coaching, Caregiving & Dementia

Coaching Families That Have Loved Ones with Dementia

When a parent or other family member develops dementia from a catastrophic event such as a stroke or from the gradual changes of a disease such as Alzheimer’s, your relationship with this person goes through dramatic shifts that are confusing, maddening, painful and surprising. You may find yourself both aching for and rejecting the notion of outside help with navigating the territory of this new relationship with your loved one.

Kim combines her coaching skills and her personal caregiving experience with her mother, who has been living with dementia for nearly 12 years, in service of helping family members create their path of honoring themselves, their loved one and their family relationship in this time of turbulence and discovery.

Coaching creates awareness of:

new ways of communicating with your loved one with dementia

the healing power of conflict

caregiving for yourself

how to parent your parents

grieving as a health supplement

the connection between humor, permission and peace

Kim coaches long-distance and on-site family caregivers, as well as family systems that are challenged in their new role as joint decision-makers in areas such as medical choices and financial legacy. Individual and team coaching is offered to professional caregivers working either in-home or in care facilities.


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