Feeling Stuck? Shift to Another Lens!

Feeling Stuck? Shift to Another Lens!

By Kim Fowler

A shift in focus — what could be simpler! And yet, we often make it so hard.

Whenever we feel immobilized in some area of our lives, and want nothing more than to be liberated of what is freezing us in our tracks, the solution can be as simple as shifting our focus to another lens. Any number of things can keep us stuck — an attachment to being right, unexpressed anger or grief, even the familiarity of being stuck. Finding a way to express any deep emotion that is at the root of the situation is always a great way to crack the ice of immobility and achieve a positive perspective shift. Here are some additional techniques to try:

1. Choose a Direction
In a room, face a direction and have it represent immobility. Look at an object representative of the situation, or just assign the quality of “stuck” to this direction. Notice how you view the situation from here. Now, turn to a different direction and think of something that you treasure, such as a beautiful day or a favorite vacation haunt. Assign the qualities of these experiences to this new direction and apply them to the situation. Notice what thoughts and feelings emerge. Turn again, and think of your favorite color or pet, and bring these qualities to this new direction. Again, notice what happens when you apply these feelings to the situation.

Choose 2 or 3 more angles to play with, and note how many different ways of viewing the situation are actually available to you. You might even ask yourself, “What is this ‘stuckness’ pointing me to?” Choose one of these new angles to live from for a day.

2. Break It Up
Several times during the day, do something that is completely uncharacteristic of you to do. For example, if you sit at a computer all day, get up once an hour and dance around the room. Or take a half-hour break in the day and just walk around the neighborhood. If your life is at full throttle, stop 5 times during the day and breathe for 5 minutes. Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it to shift your focus around whatever you’re doing at the moment.

3. Write It
Write about being stuck, and do it with your non-dominant hand. You might be surprised at what
comes out!

4. Who’s Talking?
Feeling stuck is often supported by internal voices that tell us that movement is just not possible. Play with creating characters that externalize these voices. When they start to speak, banish them from the room and notice what shifts.

5. Ritual Intent
When we are stuck, our communication with ourselves is blocked. We are not noticing what state our body is in; we are not tuned in to our inner, intuitive life. We are also probably not in true connection with our Higher Power. Rituals give us a time to center, to be grateful for even the smallest of gifts in our lives. Keeping to a ritual, whether it is prayer, or reading words of wisdom and inspiration, or spending 10 minutes a day in full gratitude, will shift how you feel, think and act in your life. Rituals create an intention for us to operate from our highest mode of being.

So what do all these techniques have in common? They share a conscious intent to shift the focus around an immobilizing situation, to begin to notice other options that are available, and to move into action from that point. It happens every February in America. It can happen every day in your life.

Published in CityFlight Magazine, April 2004


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