All You Gotta’ Do Is Ask

All You Gotta’ Do Is Ask

By Kim Fowler

“God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle.” Do you greet that expression with a dose of skepticism?

Well, your Higher Power both presumes you can handle more than you think, and shows you how. It’s actually pretty simple. Even in your darkest hour, all you have to do is ask, and allow yourself to receive.
When crisis hits, our heads tend to accelerate the turmoil by throwing us into states of overwhelm and isolation. They would have us believe it’s all too much, that we have to go through this calamity alone. We sometimes assume that everyone around us is also overwhelmed, and therefore unavailable to help. We become dizzy at the thought of trying to tackle even the smallest thing. On occasion, we can’t even get out of bed.

When the head begins to run this game, put on the brakes!

Ask your heart what feelings are being overlooked. Receive the courage and permission your heart sends to fully acknowledge and honor those emotions. If it feels as though your heart might break, know that it won’t. If the fear seems overwhelming, know it will pass. Ask someone you trust to witness these feelings with you. They may have been waiting for this invitation to get closer to you. Seek professional help if the feelings seem too out of control, or are hard to access. The point is to receive loving, caring attention to help you peel away the pain and fear, layer by layer. As you shed the hurt, a new awareness of your situation emerges.

Now, create a picture of how you want to shift this situation. How do you glide through crisis? What’s on the other side? Who and what do you need to get there? Be specific. Where are you? What are you wearing? What kind of day is it? If your head tells you this vision is improbable, you are on the right track!

Set an intention to manifest this vision. Ask friends to hold your vision daily in their thoughts. Ask them to pray for you. Ask them to send you email messages about how they see you moving easily through these tough times. If asking feels selfish, be more so! Remember that others learn more about themselves through your inviting them to be present for you. Receive the gift of friends holding your intent with you. Unwrap a little each day, and you’ll be astounded at what unfolds.

You just might find that you handled everything God put on your plate with relative ease. You created a support system that was called forth to serve another human being from their highest selves. You discovered the power of simply asking and receiving. Check and see what else you learned from this experience, then receive and share the wisdom of the answer. And don’t forget to say “thank you.”

Published in CityFlight Magazine, October 2004


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