Team Diagnostic™ Assessment

Team Diagnostic™ Assessment

MESA Coaching is an Authorized Facilitator of with the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment, a proven state-of-the-art team diagnostic model and measurement instrument developed by Team Coaching International™.

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The Model

Research indicates that over the long term the best performing teams achieve high scores in both productivity and positivity. For example, a team with high levels of positivity probably has little conflict, or is very skilled at communicating when conflict arises. It might even invite conflict as part of its creative process! Working conditions such as these call forth productivity.

The Team Diagnostic™ model is built along axes of productivity and positivity, as with the Quadrants on the previous page. Each of these axes are composed of seven strength factors:

Productivity Strengths

  1. Goals and strategies
  2. Alignment (around mission and purpose)
  3. Accountability
  4. Resources
  5. Decision-making
  6. Proactivity
  7. Team leadership

Positivity Strengths

  1. Optimism
  2. Trust
  3. Respect
  4. Communication
  5. Constructive interaction
  6. Camaraderie
  7. Value diversity/Deep Democracy

The Tool

The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment (TDA) is a customizable team self-assessment tool that is used internationally in corporate and nonprofit settings to catalyze system change. The TDA uses the fourteen productivity and positivity strengths as indicators that reveal how the team operates as a system. The TDA is delivered online to each team member, and the results are interpreted into graphic formats that measure different views of the system. One example is the Polar Diagram below:

Polar Diagram

The TDA is debriefed in a coached retreat with the team that explores the beliefs, behaviors, strengths and challenges revealed by the assessment. The coaching then points the team to accountable actions that lead to higher levels of functioning. Follow-up coaching is designed to fit the timing needs of the team.

Highlights and Benefits:

  1. TDA model measures 14 individual success factors.
  2. The focus is on the team as a whole rather than individuals.
  3. The assessment is easily accessed and completed online.
  4. Process is anonymous and cost-effective.
  5. TDA deployment clearly identifies next action steps; it is an excellent complement to strategic planning.
  6. This model provides coaching follow-up and a means of measuring team improvement over time.

The Bottom Line

The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment allows your team to assess its productivity and positivity strengths; the coaching debrief points the way to optimizing these strengths to enhance the work life and performance of the team, which benefits the company or organization as a whole.

The TDA was developed by Team Coaching International™. It is based on the latest theories in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, change management and team research conducted at leading universities. Over the course of five years and hundreds of deployments, The coaching approach used in deploying this tool is based on systems theory and the groundbreaking work of the Center for Right Relationship ™ a leading authority in the field of team development.


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