About Kim

About Kim

For many years I held fascinating and diverse jobs in arts management through my roles as a government funder, nonprofit executive director, academic program manager at Stanford University, and management consultant. Then I took the Fundamentals Course at the Coaches Training Institute – a course I now teach as a CTI faculty member – and for the first time in my life embarked on a career that I chose rather than one that chose me.

I came to CoActive Coaching from years of experience in a peer-to-peer counseling system (Reevaluation Counseling) that held the fundamental belief of the innate wholeness and resourcefulness of every individual. With CTI I found a model built on that same cornerstone, and a way of living and working that enabled me to witness and engage with the joy and the nitty-gritty of people’s journeys to their essential, inventive, celebratory selves.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), I create an alliance with you in service of the discovery of what it means to be truly at choice, act from your unique purpose, trust your insights and fully experience every part of the exploration. With humor and the rigor of truth I give you tools for investigating, clambering out of and avoiding the pitfalls, and walk with you as you navigate your path to the peaks. In my role as an Organization and Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSCC) I help your organization’s team delve below the surface of its working relationships to discover the elements and wisdom of their unique entity, where shifts are aching to happen and how to achieve them.

I love drawing on my diverse toolkit – which also includes my life as a theatre performer, singer and writer – to work with my clients. So if you are an individual, an executive, a business or personal partnership or a team ready to step off the cliff and soar from your highest being, I invite you to come play.


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