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MESA COACHING engages the totality of you – your heart, mind, body and spirit – to awaken your innate creativity and resourcefulness.

Let MESA Coaching take you to higher ground where you are:
Mindful of your values,
Efficient in creating conscious choice,
Spirit-driven in your intentions, and
Accountable to your life purpose!

From here you create choices that move you through unexpected barriers and into action toward your highest goals and dreams.

“Be it, don’t dream it.”
Dr. Frankenfurter, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Things happen that we can’t control – a co-worker unexpectedly quits, impacting your workload; aging parents demand more time and attention to details of their everyday living; a new job brings unforeseen challenges, which cuts into family time. You may not be able to control the circumstances – you can choose whether to be victimized by them or to act from your clear, conscious, inventive self. MESA Coaching helps you discover your resourceful self that sees possibilities rather than limitation.

“Kim, you equipped me with tools and strategies to lift up my voice, change my perspectives, lead my team, and one day change the world! I’ve never dreamt so big or realized my full potential until our conversations. You are truly an excellent coach and anyone would be privileged to have you coach them.”

Rhea Martin
Organizing Director
Californians For Justice


“Mindfulness is the energy that helps us to be truly present. When you are truly present, you are more in control of situations, you have more love, patience, understanding, and compassion.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness of who we are and the impact we want to achieve in any present moment brings our actions into alignment with our intent, our values, our being. It calms and energizes us, and is also incredibly efficient.


“Secrecy is the enemy of efficiency, but don’t let anyone know it. ”

Ric Ocasek

Efficiency is transparent – we see it, others see it in us. It creates ease and resourcefulness and cuts out stress and distraction. It allows us to communicate from our highest selves, where our spirit thrives.


“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art”
Leonardo da Vinci

Our spirit, our passion is fully expressed when our heart, mind and body are fully engaged. Our spirit guides us toward ways of being and acting that are in service of our life and soul purpose. Accountability to that purpose leads us to choices that are affirming rather then debilitating.


“Accountability breeds response-ability.”
Stephen R. Covey

Action is about manifesting our desired impact in the world. It is conceived in mindfulness, born through efficiency and fed by spirit.

“Your coaching has transformed me as a leader.”

Haydée Cuza, EdD
Executive Director
Peers Envisioning & Engaging in Recovery Services (PEERS)


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